5 Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

5 Gifts Ideas for the Wine Lover on your list:

The Coravin Model Two Wine System

We have recently purchased this neat tool, which allows you pour any wine, in any amount, without removing the cork. The Coravin is perfect for anyone wishing to have one glass of a nice wine, but may hesitate to open a bottle for fear of letting the rest go to waste.

You can buy it online, or locally at Total Wine in Columbia or at Kitchen & Company, The Coastal Cupboard, and Crushed Fine Wine in Mt Pleasant.


Admiral Oversize Corkscrew by Viski

We are fans of this oversize corkscrew for its size and its weight. 

Look for it in your local wine shop, or you can purchase it several places online including here


 Champagne Bottle Stopper

We have found this to be the most user friendly and most effective style champagne stopper. Trust us when we tell you; we have tried them all! Chances are you can find similar styles in your local wine shop as well!


Whether you are going somewhere for a weekend or simply to a friend's house for dinner, you will easily put these canvas wine bags to good use

  6 bottle weekend wine bag

 2-3 bottle dinner wine bag

A favorite gift idea is this Tremont Wine Tote in waxed canvas by J. Stark; a product proudly made in South Carolina


Finally, we strongly believe a Palmetto Wine Sellers Gift Card would pair perfectly with any of these gifts!


We love to learn too! Any products you have given or received that you would recommend? Leave a comment below


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