Party Time!

Each time a dinner or cocktail party is planned there are many variables involved, each one makes it hard to use any basic formula to estimate the amount of alcohol to purchase in advance. Our calculator can help give you a general idea of where to start, but for best results we highly recommend sharing the details of your event with The Wine Guy and letting him steer you in the right direction!

Here are a few important things to know for your general knowledge:


Each regular 750 mL bottle contains approximately 4 glasses of wine

For a larger cocktail party, the general rule is your guests will likely consume:

                           50% Wine/Champagne

                           30% Beer

                           20% Mixed Drinks

For a dinner party, you can assume at least 1 bottle of wine per person, keeping in mind that guests usually have 1 glass before dinner, several over the course of the meal, and another with dessert or after the meal.

In any case, the type of beverages you choose to serve will impact your needs, as well as the food you plan to serve. 

No matter what… you would rather have too much than not enough! You can always find an occasion to drink or gift any leftovers… but running it before the party is over can be disappointing.

 Be sure to check out our collection of recommended party wine for great values and crowd pleasers!

As always, The Wine Guy is available to make any suggestions and accommodate any budget so don’t hesitate to take advantage of our free advice, our case discounts and our curbside pickup!





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