Bailly-Lapierre Saint-Bris 2019

Bailly-Lapierre Saint-Bris 2019

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Sauvignon Blanc from Chablis?  The appellation of Saint-Bris in Northern Burgundy is the only appellation in Burgundy allowed to grow Sauvignon Blanc. That makes Saint-Bris something of an oddity for Burgundy in that it is made only from Sauvignon blanc and Sauvignon gris, rather than the Chardonnay of Chablis and the notable white Burgundies, or the Aligoté of many simpler, easy-drinking whites of the region.

This terroir driven wine is a solid favorite as an aperitif or a wonderful accompaniment to a variety of foods. "It is magisterial with goat cheeses, and its vivacity enlivens all fish dishes. It also harmonizes very well with highly-spiced curries or saffron-flavoured dishes." It is softer with a more "rounder" finish than it's cousin in Sancerre.

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