Domaine de La Bretauche Bourgogne Epineuil Rouge 2020

Domaine de La Bretauche Bourgogne Epineuil Rouge 2020

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Burgundy’s northwestern reaches, near Chablis, might not be the first place you’d think to look for delicious red wines. With prices rising in the Côte d’Or, however, we are grateful to find refuge for affordable and charming Pinot Noir in AOC Epineuil. Epineuil is an AOC that almost didn’t survive the wars and urbanization of the first half of the twentieth century. The town’s tenacious postwar mayor ensured its persistence, though, and in this bottle you can taste what he sensed of the appellation’s potential. Ethereal and bright, with the notes of cherry and earth that get red-Burgundy lovers’ hearts racing, this Pinot Noir is yet another testament to finding tremendous value by looking where no one else does: in this case, Epineuil.

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