Massican Annia Napa Valley White Wine 2022

Massican Annia Napa Valley White Wine 2022

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Produced by Dan Petroski, SF Chronicle's 2017 Winemaker of the Year

 The wine is fresh and subtle and fulfills the promise set forth years ago to bottle memorable white wines, unique amongst the whites of California.

The "flagship" of Massican' unique white wines, Annia is a blend of Friulian grapes (Ribolla Gialla and Tocai Friulano) and Chardonnay, made in a Mediterranean style. This blend creates a fresh, vibrant, and approachable wine with a kaleidoscope of aromatics. The Chardonnay provides structure and acidity, while the Friulian grapes add complexity and depth.

Here is a link about Dan from The San Fransisco Chronicle 


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