Ampeleia, "Bianco di Apeleia" Costa Toscana, 2019

Ampeleia, "Bianco di Apeleia" Costa Toscana, 2019

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Bianco di Ampeleia is a field blend with a base of Trebbiano (probably 70+%) with Ansonaco (aka Ansonica or Inzolia, found mostly off the Tuscan coast on the island of Giglio, and also in Sicily), and a couple types of Malvasia. 
The Trebbiano was taken from very old-vine cuttings from a neighbor of Ampeleia. The Ansonaco was from cuttings from Altura (Dressner producer on the island of Giglio). The vines were recently planted and the 2017 is the second vintage of the wine. 
It’s a true co-harvest, co-ferment. There is 7-12 days of contact with the skins in concrete and aging is also in concrete.


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