Blason de l'Evangile Pomerol 2009

Blason de l'Evangile Pomerol 2009

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2009 is a highly acclaimed vintage in Bordeaux and here is a hard to find great value from that vintage.  Blason de L’Evangile, the second label of Chateau L’Evangile, is selected from vats of the “Grand Vin” Chateau L’Evangile, it features characteristics similar to those of the “Grand Vin”, but with lesser potential for aging as its aging in barrels is much shorter. Its name comes from the former owners who used their emblem. It must be drunk younger than its more robust counterpart. 

All that means that the Blason is ready to drink now and over the next 5/10 years while the "Grand Vin" is not ready to drink and has another 30+ years of life.

Very limited quantity.

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