Bodegas Forlong Amigo Imaginario 2017

Bodegas Forlong Amigo Imaginario 2017

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An orange wine from Palomino, that’s more or less what Amigo Imaginario is.

It starts with 100% Palomino grapes from the Finca Plantalina in the pago Balbaína Alta, from biodynamic vines that are 40-50 years of age, on albariza soil (sub-type Lustrillo). The grapes are manually harvested, chilled to 3-4°C for 24 hours, crushed and fermented with skins for 25 days. The wine is then aged in one Oloroso sherry butt, which is sealed to prevent the forming of flor and oxidation. Malolactic fermentation takes place in the cask, where it stays for around 10 months. After bottling it also settles for 4 months in the bottle.

This is called imaginary friend as it unites several traditions: white and red wine production techniques, but also unfortified wine coupled to a Oloroso sherry barrel. The current-day complexity of the sherry region in a glass, so to speak.


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