Centopassi Argille di Tagghia Via Nero D'Avola 2021

Centopassi Argille di Tagghia Via Nero D'Avola 2021

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Personally, I love nothing more than a great bottle of wine, with a great story, at a great price. This wine is made from land and vines seized from the mafia by the Italian government, and then put to better cultural use by a coop of growers. Libera Terra focuses on revitalizing native grape varieties and growing grapes organically with limited yields. The result is a delightful, delicate wine with generous aromatics of dark cherry, tomato, rosemary, and dry earth. Gentle tannins and a medium body make it a versatile food wine, perfect for any pasta night. Do your part to defeat the mafia and buy a bottle!

‘Argille di Tagghia Via’ 100% Nero d’Avola, and takes its name from the church of the Madonna di Tagliavia, a few hundred yards away. The vineyard is planted between Corleone and San Giuseppe Jato.  A much better, fresher wine than most Nero d’Avola and a worthy competitor to its better know cousins on Mt. Etna

Certified Organic

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