Demarie Arneis (Orange) "Sabbia" NV

Demarie Arneis (Orange) "Sabbia" NV

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Oxidized wines have no additives and are very natural with complex aromas and flavors. Sabbia is no exception; expect chamomile and green tea, ripe peaches and toasty character with nutty notes. Rich, full-bodied. This highly unique bottling ferments in 5-year-old French barriques with skin and seeds. Maceration is 45 days and in the same barriques; aging for is 4 months in neutral barriques. The wine’s sand color mirrors the vineyard’s soil color and is the inspiration for its name – Sabbia – “sand” in Italian. Organic

Food Pairing

The complexity of orange wine is what keeps wine lovers coming back and that same complexity lends itself to a diverse range of potential food pairings. Bold orange wines pair with equally bold foods, including curry dishes, Moroccan cuisine, Ethiopian cuisine, Korean dishes with kimchi and traditional Japanese cuisine. Orange wines pair with a wide variety of meats, ranging from beef to fish.

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