Giuseppe Brancatelli, Toscana Valle del Sogno 2013

Giuseppe Brancatelli, Toscana Valle del Sogno 2013

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 Highly desirable daily temperature swings fueled by the Etruscan coast weather tease and taunt these two classically Bordeaux varietals to give up the grapes’ best character. Grapes are meticulously chosen from a single vineyard for the winery’s most important bottling. Its deep, seemingly bottomless garnet color appears as an elegant jewel in the glass. Swirl and smell: Ripe, dark cherry aromas are wrapped in notes reminiscent of wildfowers and spices. That luxuriousness carries to the palate where dark red fruits enrobe the taste buds. The soft texture is elegant; harmonious structure precedes a long, memorable finish.

Organic....aged in French production 800 six packs in wood. Current vintage 2013

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