Julien Cecillon Crozes Hermitage "Les Marguerites" 2017

Julien Cecillon Crozes Hermitage "Les Marguerites" 2017

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Established by the husband-and-wife duo of Julien Cecillon and Nancy Kerschen, this up-and-coming winery is on a roll with a series of traditional Northern Rhône wines. Based on the right bank of the river — across from the famous hill of Hermitage. Of particular note: their work with Syrah. While Julien and Nancy work with a few biodynamic vineyards, they are not fully invested yet. But where he has implemented these practices — notably the Crozes-Hermitage “Les Marguerites” — the results have been compelling.

Cave Julien Cecillon is a small producer, but well worth finding because they represent the next generation of producers making superb Northern Rhône wine.

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