Lambert Chinon "Les Terrasses" 2015

Lambert Chinon "Les Terrasses" 2015

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This wine is a wonderful example of a Chinon Cab Franc. In addition, they have adopted a true organic philosphy including not adding an Sulphur Dioxide.

No chemicals whatsoever are used on the pristine soils at Les Chesnaies. In accordance with the principles of biodynamics, various plants such as mustard, oats, and rape are used as cover crops. These facilitate the absorption of mineral applications like copper, and allow nitrogen to settle which becomes important during fermentation. Soil is enriched with home-made compost and biodynamic preparations 500 and 501. Vineyards are plowed by horse and harvest is performed manually. At the winery grapes are sorted manually. Fermentation does not include added yeast strains. The end result is succulent Chinons of exceptional grace, structure and elegance. They are deeply colored, soft, and fruity – an ideal alternative to Burgundy for food pairings.


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