Le Croizillon Malbec Cahors 2018

Le Croizillon Malbec Cahors 2018

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Cahors is, without a doubt, the most dynamic appellation in Southwest France. Recently, the area has gained momentum within the wine industry, due to the dedication and innovation of a group of winemakers in their thirties, re-energizing the Lot region’s most renowned varietal – Malbec. Château Les Croisille is one of the vineyards taking part in this revolution, by utilizing sustainable farming practices and modern winemaking techniques to create Cahors wines with finesse, freshness and balance.

Malbec from Cahors, France is vastly different from Malbec found in Argentina. This wine has dark, savory fruit flavors with a freshness from being unoaked. A solid little bistro wine that is great for burgers and hearty stews.


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