Massican Sweet Red Vermouth

Massican Sweet Red Vermouth

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Those who come to Palmetto Wine know I'm a huge fan of Dan Petroski and his Friulian inspired white wines. 

Well....wait to you try his Vermouth!!

Vermouth has always been a “thing” in cities like Turin and Barcelona, not to mention remote Alpine villages like Chambéry in France, but in the US, storied brands like Cinzano and Martini & Rossi mostly gathered dust on backbars, waiting to be parceled out a half-ounce at a time in Martinis and Manhattans.

Vermouth starts as a base of wine fortified with brandy, to which is added any of a variety of botanicals like citrus peels, wormwood, cinchona bark, juniper, ginger, clove, and allspice; the result, aromatized fortified wine, usually offers intense flavors and aromas. The French, Spanish, and Italians have used vermouth as an aperitif simply on the rocks or with soda for eons and since the advent of cocktails, vermouth has been along for the ride.  With the success of the Massican dry vermouth, it was pretty much inevitable that Dan would begin producing a sweet red to compliment the offerings. The red is based off those same original recipes from the Cinzano family and much like the dry, it is perfect on its own, on the rocks with a wedge of citrus or mixed in a cocktail.

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