Masso Antico Primitivo 2018

Masso Antico Primitivo 2018

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The Primitivo grape is the "almost" twin of the California Zinfandel grape

The grapes used for Masso Antico Primitivo are grown in Salento using the ancient method known as “Alberello”, which is typical of the Mediterranean area of Italy. It was developed to compensate for the lack of water and the very hot climate. The now very rare Alberello system represents a very important part of the cultural and oenological heritage of Puglia. The rigorous hand‐picking is followed by a meticulous selection of the destemmed  grapes. The grapes withering on plants, favored by the sea wind, and a slow maturation in French oak barrels for about 6 months, results in an outstanding full‐bodied wine with soft tannins and vanilla notes in the finish.


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