Pascal Biotteau Anjou Blanc 2019

Pascal Biotteau Anjou Blanc 2019

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Chenin Blanc has been around for centuries. Many of them! But recently the grape is becoming quite en vogue with the hipster Somm scene. We're not too sure how the vino could ever have been out of vogue and we think you'll feel the same when you get your hands on this bottle from fourth-generation winemaker Pascal Biotteau. The grapes hail from the village of Saint-Jean-de-Mauvrets, situated on the old Roman road from Angers to Poitiers in the Loire Valley wine region of France.

The wine is a beautiful composite picture of what Anjou in the Loire is all about. The honeyed notes of apricot give way to a tangy mineral finish. This bottle is the classic “bistro wine” wine that you’d dream of drinking on a warm summer evening in Paris or just on your sofa watching your favorite movie set in Paris!

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