A great red and white from Sicily

Earlier this year I was introduced to the delicious wines from around Mt. Etna in Sicily. These wines influenced by rich volcanic soil are not as well known as their brethren from the mainland but that is fast changing. 

The white wines from the Etna region use the Carricante grape as their mainstay, either on it's own or blended. The red wines in the region use the popular Sicilian nero d'avola primarily but the wines I've enjoyed are using the spicy, dark-hued nerello mascalese grape. 

The wines produced by Diego Planeta are considered some of the elite wines form the region. Their special cuvèe of Carricante and Nerello Mascalese both carry the Eruzione 1614 label in reference to the historic Etna eruption of 1614 that lasted for 10 years. 

Important to you, dear reader, is I purchased the last of the 2015 white and the last of the 2014 red. I have only 8 bottles left of the white and I have 21 bottles of the red. Check the links for write-ups, ratings and more importantly, pricing. I got a good deal on these wines and the next vintages will be about $10.00 more a bottle than the ones I have in stock.

I have two other carricante wines from Planeta one is a 2012 vintage. Check it out!

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