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About Us

Welcome to a new way to purchase wine.   


Rocky Menge, our founder and head wine guy, has been a wine lover and amateur cook for many years.

After ending a 30+ year career in the securities business, he decided to turn a passion into a new challenge. He has personally enjoyed sharing his knowledge and love of wine with others, helping friends and colleagues build their own collections and advising others on the best wines for their taste buds as well as for their budget. He looks forward to expanding his reach and sharing this passion with new friends and clients.

Palmetto Wine Sellers is more than a brick and mortar store. We search through the lists of wine distributors nationwide to find wines we know to be of the high quality and have exceptional value to sell directly to you. You share in the savings we get from not having a store and for our low inventory. We post our wines on our website and will constantly change and refresh the wines we have to offer.

On our website there are several ways for you to make a selection:

  • A list of 90+ rated wines
  • A list of wines by region
  • An exclusive list of older vintages
  • Our proprietary list broken down by when to drink we call Guzzlers, Big Boy wine or Coin Toss. This helps you pick what to drink with pizza or burgers; what to drink when your boss is coming for dinner or a wine that could go either way. Check it out!

Interested in arranging a wine tasting for you and your friends? Let us know. Ready to build that cellar? We sit down with you and help you build a diverse selection of wines you will be proud to share.

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Palmetto Wine Sellers….. a new and more personal way to buy wine!