Football tailgating ideas from the Wine Guy

If you are a college football junkie like me, this past weekend was the closest thing to Nirvana you can get. Game after game ending with the Florida St - Virginia Tech game last night. 

Of course with football comes tailgating which led to a phone call I got last Friday asking for wine suggestions for tailgating. this heat, my first suggestion was to start in your air conditioned den with ESPN. But instead I've got two real-life suggestions. 

The first is a nice chilled bottle of rosé. Just because the "unofficial" end of summer was yesterday doesn't mean you stop drinking these great refreshing pink wines. One of my favorites is from the Loire Valley of France, Domaine de La Noblaie check it out.

Now....the other suggestion I have is bubbles! Sparkling wine is festive and cold and, well, not just for weddings and News Year's Eve. I recommend one that is under $17.00 a bottle and truly delivers a champagne taste on a beer budget. Also from the Loire Valley of France, it will provide a festive addition to any tailgate party and it is also a beautiful bottle....Bouvet!

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