Great Opportunity: Canard Vineyard Napa Valley Zinfandel Reserve

For the longest time I believed the last wine I would every offer to my clients is a big alcohol fueled jammy red Zinfandel. I have long felt these wines were the antithesis of what a good wine should taste like. Yesterday, I was proven wrong when I had the enormous pleasure of tasting Canard Vineyard Napa Valley Zinfandel Reserve 2015.                                  

The vineyard only produces 1,100 cases of wine across their whole portfolio and are only available in 10 states.

According to the winemaker, "Canard Vineyard has been quietly producing small production, hand crafted wines for over thirty years. Each year we produce eight unique estate wines: Coucher de Soleil Rosé, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Throwback, Adam’s Blend, The Rescuer, our Reserve Zinfandel and our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. All of our wines are produced from estate grown grapes which are skillfully transformed into the finest expression of each varietal. We are dedicated to creating wines of distinction with an emphasis on quality over quantity." let's talk about the Reserve Zinfandel. This beauty is sourced from 135 year old vines that yield only a small amount of grapes. In fact, the entire production is aged in only 4 barrels and produces only 98 cases (six packs). 

The nose is hedonistic, and the taste is full and incredibly balanced with a long smooth finish. It is a truly special wine! 

I have no idea how much (or how little) of this wine will be available to me, but if you are interested please call me or email me to place an order. The wine sells for $85.00 a bottle.

There is also a limited supply available of the 2013 Estate Zinfandel. The Estate cuvée is "only" sourced from 80 to 100 year old vines is produces 265 cases....not exactly a grocery store wine. Three cases are available for $48.50 a bottle.

Folks this a great opportunity...don't let it go by!

The Wine Guy




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