Leftover wine?

Sometimes you will have no problem polishing off a bottle of wine once opened, but most often you likely find yourself opening a bottle and having a glass of wine with a weeknight dinner. Many customers have come in looking for a decent "week day" wine that they can open but will not be upset if they do not finish. We can easily make that recommendation or we can offer another solution.

We have been using RePour wine savers and have found them to be a great tool to extend the life of any wine so you don't have to dread pouring anything down the drain! They are affordable and easy to use; we have plenty in stock if you want to give one a try!

Here is a great general quick reference guide for how long each type of wine is likely to keep. Please remember that the use of a proper stopper or cork, storing at a cool temperature, and amount of time exposed to oxygen overall are important factors in the longevity of wine once opened. 

If all else fails... there are many ways to cook with red wine vinegar!

Quick Guide: Wine Shelf Life

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