Public Service Announcement for Champagne lovers.......Don't let this happen to you!

Man In Critical Condition After His Champagne Bottle Exploded In His Crotch 




A Danish man is in critical condition after a champagne bottle he held between his legs exploded in his crotch on New Year's Eve, according to a report Tuesday.

A Danish man was put in an induced coma after a champagne bottle exploded. A shard of glass cut through an artery in his leg, causing significant blood loss, reported the Daily Mail. The man is currently in one of Denmark's largest hospitals called the Copenhagen Rigshospitalet and remains in critical condition, according to regional police officer Brian Munch, reported The Local Denmark.

While doctors warn about "champagne injuries" during the holiday season, most are caused by the champagne cork, not the glass bottle. A study in 2011 by Morrisons found that 900,000 people in England have suffered champagne-related injuries, reported The Huffington Post.


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