Julien Cécillon Les Graviers Syrah 2022

Julien Cécillon Les Graviers Syrah 2022

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The only thing we love more than Julien Cecillon's wines is the man behind the bottles. This 100% destemmed négociant blend of Syrah coms from three different sites in the Rhone Valley. The wine is dark-fruited, meaty, and absolutely delicious on the table. 'Les Graviers' means gravel, which is a reference to the signature soil type in which this fruit is grown.

A product of two passionate, experienced winemakers who joined together to make wine on their own terms: Rhone native Julien Cecillon and American Nancy Kerschen. Sourced from Northern Rhone’s stony, mineral soils, the grapes are completely destemmed and aged in 90% used oak to create a refreshingly pure Syrah.

Les Graviers shows classic Syrah aromas and juicy flavors such as red raspberries and black olives. Farmed sustainably.

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