Cousiño-Macul, Lota Valle del Maipo 2018

Cousiño-Macul, Lota Valle del Maipo 2018

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Founded in 1856, Cousiño-Macul is the only 19th century winery in Chile that remains in the hands of the original founding family. All Cousiño-Macul reserve wines are estate grown, vinted and bottled. This wine comes from the oldest Cabernet (1932) and best Merlot of Cousiño Macul vineyards. They are the result of a special selection of our own best vines, keeping the same unique DNA material brought from France in the 1860s by Don Luis Cousiño, before the plague phylloxera attacked European vineyards. 

A deep dark red color with violet tints. Complex aromas of dark fruit with cassis, hints of cedar and spice. Full-bodied and elegant with luscious flavors of blackberry, currant, cocoa, soft oak and warm spices. A core of concentrated and delicious black fruits is framed by light toasty oak and ripe tannins which continues into a long, ultrasmooth finish.

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