J. Brix "Stay in Bed Red" Red Blend 2019

J. Brix "Stay in Bed Red" Red Blend 2019

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Designed to be the wine beloved by everyone from your Bordeaux-fan friend to your natural-wine aficionado (and your aunt who just likes "reds"), this vintage of Stay-in-Bed Red® is a smooth, fresh blend of Merlot, Carignan & Syrah. 

Winemakers Emily & Jody Brix say: "While we focus on single-varietal bottlings with the J. Brix label, we also conjure up a red blend each year with varieties we think will play extra deliciously together. The resulting wine is Stay-in-Bed Red®. Always a different composition, and always juicy and delicious, Stay in-Bed Red® is meant to represent – and bring – sheer pleasure."

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