Laurent Gauthier Morgon "Grand Cras" 2021

Laurent Gauthier Morgon "Grand Cras" 2021

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Cru Morgon, one of the famous Cru Beaujolais, is based in the heart of northern Beaujolais.
Côte du Py is the heart of Morgon, a little hill of very old blue stone rocks, the oldest soils of Beaujolais (around 400 000 millions years old), with a very blue characteristic color.
It is known for centuries in Morgon that Côte du Py is the best terroir of the village, producing long lived wines with strong structure and flavors.

 The most celebrated region in Morgon, the Côte du Puy, produces Le Grand Cras Beaujolais. This Grand Cras is big and juicy, showing its origins well. Tannins and ripe black fruits are evident along with the underlying structure. This Cru Beaujolais is just getting ready to drink and can be cellared for 15 years.


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