Tamellini Soave Classico "Le Bine de Costiola" 2021

Tamellini Soave Classico "Le Bine de Costiola" 2021

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Based on critics scores......this is among the top 10 highly rated Soave Classico wines available!


"Le Bine de Costìola” is made from Garganega (“gar-GAN-nehgah”), grown in a three-hectare single vineyard parcel planted in 1970, and is fermented in stainless steel vats. The wine has a complex floral nose, with aromatics of stone fruits and ripe citrus. On the palate, it presents a rich, somewhat mineral texture with notes of almonds, finishing with bright, crisp acidity. Persistent and full bodied, this is a serious wine that ages well and gains complexity over time.

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